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I’m a father, husband, and medical doctor. I’ve become more interested in preparedness issues since spending 3 weeks in Haiti after the earthquake in January of 2010. It really opened my eyes to how unprepared I was for any sort of disaster.

I started learning. I built up some food storage, started storing water, and made emergency kits for my family.

I also started studying economics, environmental science, and energy resources and how they relate to my personal health and well-being. I came to understand the foibles of Keynesian economics and deficit spending. I fell in line with the Austrian school of economics.

I also believe the environment is in trouble due to pollution, industrial agriculture, over-population, and over-exploitation of, well, everything: forests, fisheries, arable land, mineral resources, energy resources, and fresh water supplies.

I started to think about the ramifications of “peak oil.” It’s unlikely that the world will have more energy in 20 years than it has today as oil reserves deplete. This will change the world as we know it.

I concluded that the government is corporat-ized and that I can’t rely on them to “not screw up” or look out for the interests of the average American.  The wars seem unending, the debt is un-payable, the middle class is shriveling, and globalist, socialist elites are running amok. They aren’t coming to anybody’s rescue but their own.

I was very frustrated. I wanted to change things, but I’m just one guy.  I felt powerless.

I resolved to do what I could. I wanted more resilience in my lifestyle. If I couldn’t make my voice heard in Washington, I wanted to make things better around me.

So I went on a bit of an earthy, foodie, back to the land, hippie kick. I planted an orchard, started raising chickens, kept bees, and experimented with different gardening techniques. I repaired the little patch of depleted dirt that I live on. I liked it. I connected to the soil, the bees, the trees…even the weeds. Well, maybe not the weeds.

I like the “permaculture” approach. Local food production is better. We need less packaging, marketing, preservatives , and pesticides in our food. I support community centered agriculture.

I’m not a survival “nut.” There’s plenty of those on the web. I don’t think that preparing for some sort of Mad Max,  when the SHTF, or TEOTWAWKI scenario is the best use of my time or resources.

I believe in the right to bear arms, but I don’t ascribe to a bunker mentality. I don’t think civilization will decay in a day, but I’m not going to stick my head in the sand either.  Suffice it to say, I refuse to be a victim.  I will protect myself and my family.

I believe we are here to live, learn, love, and grow, but civilization is not easy.  The present reality in politics, the economy, energy, and resource depletion should concern every civilized person. Indeed, the next 20 years may test our humanity and community spirit.

Although a lot of people try, no one can tell us exactly what to do. There’s no blueprint for the future. We can take history as our guide, however. Human nature does change after all. We can look for the most likely scenarios and prepare.

I want to be educated, practical, helpful, and resilient. The goal of my website is to arm you with good information and resources so you can do the same.

Disclaimer: This website is just my opinion. Make your own financial, legal, and medical decisions.

One Response to About me

  1. Chris Lahr on November 8, 2011 at 6:27 PM

    Great introduction! I couldn’t agree more. I can’t wait to peruse your blog more.